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Acting solely within the framework of Criminal Law, Machado, Castro e Peret Sociedade de Advogados emerged from the ideal of its partners in combining the traditional values of criminal law to the needs imposed by the current complexity of human relationships. Thus, the law firm seeks to consolidate a personal service, discretion, transparency and legal knowledge, with innovation, technology, transdisciplinary and dynamic performance, inherent to current demands.

In addition to the personal service offered to its clients, Machado, Castro e Peret Sociedade de Advogados has an outstanding performance in the Courts of all the states of the country, as well as in the Superior Court of Justice and Supreme Federal Court, where important issues involving matters of law are ultimately decided.

Areas of Expertise

Machado, Castro e Peret Sociedade de Advogados practices in all areas of Criminal Law, assisting cases involving from “traditional” offenses (such as crimes against the person, against property, against public faith, against public administration and traffic crimes) to the so-called economic crimes (against the financial system, against tax administration, against the consumer, against the economy, crimes of unfair competition, money laundering, digital crimes and crimes against the environment).

The firm also has known expertise in international criminal cooperation’s and has actively worked in cases of repercussion that has developments in multiple countries, each time more frequent due to globalization.

Therefore, the practice areas of the firm can be divided as follows:

(i) Defense.
In the defense of defendants or related parties in criminal proceedings, whether in crimes of public criminal action or private criminal action, from the investigation stage, at which time the initial defense thesis might lead to an early acquittal, up until the last appeal in the Superior Courts, where the matter is ultimately decided.
In order to assure effectiveness in defending its clients, the partners closely monitor the progress of each case, examining all the features, conducting meetings, acting in hearings, preparing all relevant petitions and executing oral defenses.

(ii) Protection of the Victims interest.
Endorsing the interests of victims of crime, individuals or entities, adopting the appropriate legal action, whether before the police or before the courts, with the aim of establishing the circumstances and the felon of the crime in order to criminally penalize those responsible.

(iii) Advisory.
Drafting legal opinions, consultations and studies related to situations involving Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law, whether in police or judicial stage, and also in a preventive manner in order to avoid the occurrence of any actions that may eventually be considered criminal, particularly in due diligences in case of mergers and acquisitions of companies, where it is imperative to know the background of any existing criminal actions as well as the extent and impacts resulting therefrom.

(iv) Mass litigation.
Representing, in police or judicial scope, companies involved in recurring criminal proceedings, acting either in the prosecution or in the defense, throughout Brazilian territory, always aiming to meet the specific needs of each client. To this end, in addition to its own structure, the firm has collaborators spread out around the country that can protect the interests of its clients.


Átila Pimenta Coelho Machado

Luiz Augusto Sartori de Castro

Leonardo Leal Peret Antunes

Luciana Padila Guardia

Debora Berti Moreira

João Paulo Leme Ferreira

Daiane Cerqueira

Gabriela Camargo Corrêa

Manoela Regis Slerca

Paula Stoco de Oliveira


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